Hands & Feet

Our Quality Spa Manicures and Pedicures includes filing, buffing, cuticle tidying, massage and nail color polish.

Rp. 144,000 Spa Manicure (30 mins) (with Paraffin Wax* Rp50,000 – 45 mins)

Rp. 180,000 Spa Pedicure (45 mins) (with Paraffin Wax* Rp50,000 – 60 mins)

Rp. 30,000 French Polish extra (10 mins)

Rp. 60,000 File, buff and polish (20 mins)

*Paraffin Wax infuses moisture deep into the skin, this treatment is excellent for healing dry and chapped hands and feet, enhancing blood circulation and soothing aches and pains.

Rp 300,000  Spa Manicure & Pedicure (45mins 2 therapists)
Rp 240,000  Spa Pedicure & Reflexology (75mins)
Rp 240,000  Reflexology & File, Buff & Polish(60mins)
Rp 60,000  Reflexology 20mins with any treatment


OPI Axxium Jel Polish

No more chipped nails with this jel polish which wont damage your nails like traditional jels! Choose from a wide selection of OPI & Shellac colours that will provide a flawless colour for up to two weeks or more.

Rp. 270,000 Full set on hand with Manicure or

Rp. 300,000 Full set on feet with pedicure

Rp. 150,000 Full set on hand (no Manicure)

Rp. 150,000 Full set on feet (no Pedicure)

Rp. 80,000 Soak off