Balinese Massage

Traditional Balinese massage has been passed down from generation to generation for centuries. An ancient healing therapy that involves pressure techniques, stretching and long strokes, skin rolling, kneading, and acupressure applied with intuition and sensitivity relieving tension and encouraging harmony of the body and soul.

Rp250,000 90 mins

Rp190,000 60 mins


An ancient healing therapy that is blissful while at the same time it restores balance to the whole body. Reflexology is a technique of applying pressure to the feet to bring about a state of deep relaxation while stimulating the body’s own healing process. Reflex areas in the feet correspond to particular areas of the body, stimulating and improving all your internal organs, your nervous system and improving your overall physical, mental and emotional well being.

Rp200,000 60 mins

Rp100,000 30 mins


Slimming Massage

Traditional Balinese Massage incorporating lymphatic massage to reduce fluid retention, increase metabolism and release toxins. Having this deeply healing massage aids slimming, toning and reduces cellulite.

Rp 290,000  90 mins

Purchase 10 slimming massages & receive two free.
For increased calorie burn and to speed up the slimming process have an infrared sauna prior to your slimming massage.
Infrared Sauna coming soon!


Hotstone Massage

 This deeply relaxing massage combines human touch and normal massage moves with the healing power of heated stones. The heated stones deliver an instant deep relaxation and melts away sore muscles with in minutes allowing your therapist to work deeper within the muscles releasing tension and restoring balance.

Rp290,000   90 mins


Pregnancy Massage

Expecting mothers can enjoy a massage tailored to support and nurture mother and baby!

Rp 290,000   90 mins


Remedial Massage

A targeted style that incorporates deep tissue work to help relieve specific areas of muscle tightness and fatigue. Remedial massage can help with many common complaints such as stiff necks and sore shoulders. It is also effective in helping to reduce stress and promote muscle recovery.



Express neck, shoulders, head & feet massage

This express but deeply relaxing treatment is perfect when you are short on time but need to unwind and relax. Great hangover cure.

Rp.150,000  30 mins