Our facials are truly revolutionary because they are customised at every step by our skin care therapists based on your needs and Face Mapping consultation, a zone-by-zone analysis for the most targeted skin care and unsurpassed results. A complimentary face mapping can be carried out by one of our expert therapists to help you with any skin concerns or product purchases.

All Classic & Delux Facials have galvanic infusion and/or high frequency added where benificial.

Rp540,000 Classic Facial (75-90 mins)

Includes Double Cleanse, Tone, Exfoliation, Face Mapping, Extractions, Galvanic and/or high frequency where suitable, Masque, a relaxing Neck, Shoulder and Facial Massage and application of Moisturiser and Sunscreen.

Our Classic Facials can be tailored for:

  • Rehydration and moisture defense
  • Environmental control or sensitive/sensitised skins
  • Sun damage, anti-ageing add MVP exfoliant Rp15 or see Age Smart Facial
  • Pigmentation (CromaWhite TRx)
  • Acne Skin (medibac System)
  • Hormonal skin (Specially designed to address hormonally unbalanced skin)
  • Mens’ skin (Dealing with facts such as shaving habits and helping to prevent ingrown hairs and shaving rash)


Rp640,000 Deluxe Facial (120 mins)

Calming and soothing for the mind, body and spirit. Relaxation begins with your personalised flower essences as you are eased into a wonderful back and shoulder massage, followed by your personal classic facial which includes a divine hand, foot & head massage.

Galvanic Infusion

This technology uses a mild electric current on a positive and a negative charge which aids in infusing serums & boosters deeper into the skin for optimal results.

High Frequency diminishes inflammation and increases the healing rate in acne. It sterilises & strengthens the skins immunity. It will bring heat to the skin, warming the tissues. It improves the condition of the skin, by helping skin to breathe. It helps the skin excrete toxins, strengthens the metabolism of the cell, and is germicidal, drying and healing. Blood vessels will expand and shrink which improves circulation. It controls excess sebum production and exfoliates the skin, smoothing it. It reduces the large pores associated with an acne skin type.

Rp490,000 Organic Microdermabrasion (45-60 mins)

Purchase 5 treatments and receive the 6th for free

Microdermabrasion is the application of a powerful stream of fine flower petals at an angle to the skin (of one hundred microns in size) which exfoliates the outer, uneven, thickened, pigmented dead cell layer of skin, revealing a fresh, new layer. These flower petals rose, lavender or tea tree depending on the skin concerns literally erase superficial imperfections and sun damage without damaging the skins integrity, leaving noticeably smoother softer skin with a more youthful appearence. This procedure is pain free. For best results, a course of six is recommended, new published medical research has shown that a course of six will stimulate collagen for up to five years.

This treatment includes Pre-Cleanse and is followed by a very gentle diamond wand to gently buff off any remaining dead skin plus infuse the correct serums for your skins concerns deeper into the skin. Lastly an application of moisturizer & sunscreen.

Rp750,000 Microdermabrasion With Lactobotanical Peel (45-60 mins) – Save Rp.160,000

Rp750,000 Microdermabrasion & Pomegranate Peel – Save Rp.160,000

Purchase 5 treatments and receive the 6th for free

This is the creme de la creme of all our facials. The microdermabrasion works to resurface your skin, changing the texture allowing this gentle peel to penetrate deeper not only lavishing  your skin in anti-oxidants to prevent free-radical damage but also deeply nourishing and infusing the skin with moisture leaving it glowing & radiant.’. The lactobotanical completely revitalises and hydrates the skin, working to the deepest level (the basal layer), kick starting the collagen and elastin, plumping up the skin and both treatments speed up the cell renewal. This treatment is extremely anti-ageing. A course is definitely recommended to maintain results and help delay premature ageing.

Add On to Any Facial

Rp200,000 60 Min Full Body Massage
Rp150,000 60 Mins Reflexology