Sun FX Gold Spray Tanning (15 Mins)

Rp390,000 Fully Body (includes two coats)

Rp200,000 Half Body

Rp50,000 Face

Package Deals

Rp900,000 Stay Bronz (3 sprays)
Add Rp10 if includes first visit

Rp3,000,000 Always Bronz (10 sprays)

Rp640,000 Bronz Balinese Body Scrub & Tan

Rp540,000 Scrub only & Tan

About Sun FX & St Tropez
Sun Fx Spray & St Tropez Spray Tanning Systems are formed from a sugar cane derivitive containing DHA (Dihydroxacetone) and Sun Fx contains no harmful chemicals. We personally spray you with a hand-held spray gun. The result is a smooth even bronze tan with no streaks or smell, which only takes 10 to 15 minutes to apply and dries instantly.
Before Your Tan
Please exfoliate (we recommend the Bronz Balinese body scrub) and do not apply body or face moisturiser, make-up, perfume or deodorant before your visit for best results. We advise that you do not wear white clothing to your appointment as the bronzer in the product may rub off on your clothes. It will not stain most fabrics except nylon.Please wear suitable clothing for tanning such as dark underwear or swim wear or use the disposable G-string provided.
After Care Advice
We advise that you do not shower or get any part of your body wet for 2 (medium tan) to 3 (dark tan) hours after your visit. Even after you shower your tan is still developing so you will gradually get darker over the next 10 hours. Do not leave the tan on any longer than 4 hours before showering as it will start to look dense and not natural. After your first shower (and every shower or bath for the next 5-7 days) we highly recommend that you moisturise your skin completely to ensure a natural looking tan and to prolong the life of your tan.