Rp.170,000 Half Leg Wax (15 mins)

Rp.200,000 3/4 Leg Wax (30 mins)

Rp.245,000 Full Leg Wax (45 mins)

Rp.150,000 Bikini Wax (basic) (15 mins)

Rp.170,000 G-string bikini (30 mins)

Rp.230,000 Brazilian (1st) (45 mins)

Rp.200,000 Brazilian (maintenance) (30 mins)

Rp.96,000 Under Arm (15 mins)

Rp.170,000 Full Arm Wax (30 mins)

Rp.150,000 Half Arm Wax (15 mins)

Rp.70,000 Lip or Chin Wax (10 mins)

Rp.120,000 Eyebrow Tidy & Trim (15 mins)

Rp.180,000 Eyebrow Tidy, Trim & Tint

Rp.300,000 Eyebrow Tidy, Trim & Tint & Eyelash Tint

Rp.200,000 Full face wax (not including eyebrow)

Rp.96,000 Snail trail


Rp.276,000 Half Leg Wax (25 mins)

Rp.492,000 Full Leg Wax (45 mins)

Rp.144,000 Under Arm (15 mins)

Rp.276,000 Full Arm Wax (35 mins)

Rp.156,000 Half Arm Wax (25 mins)

Rp.200,000 Chest Wax (25 mins

Rp.290,000 Back Wax incl shoulders & neck (30 mins)

Rp.200,000 Stomach Wax (25 mins)

Rp.190,000 Shoulder Wax (20 mins)

Rp.60,000 Neck Wax (10 mins)

Rp.120,000 Eyebrow Wax (15 mins)

Rp.60,000 Nose / Nostril

Rp.60,000 Ears


Body Waxing

Please try and allow a minimum of four weeks’ hair growth between waxing, otherwise we may not able to remove all the shorter hairs.

Facial Waxing

We recommend that you have fortnightly maintenance.

Brazilian Waxing

Please trim to not more than one centimeter before your wax, as this will minimise treatment time and discomfort.


Exfoliating before your waxing treatment is very beneficial to help reduce ingrown hairs. If exfoliating is insufficient to remove your ingrown hair we have an exceptional lotion you can purchase. This need to be applied to the area for a few consecutive days prior to your wax. This thins the skin and allows the in-growns to pop out when waxed.