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THE midas touch Bride to Be beauty editor Amy Collins-Walker tackles your beauty dilemmas. This issue, it’s all about achieving a fabulous faux glow

From the tandoori nightmares of the past, spray tanning has come a very long way indeed. And it’s good news for brides – not only do the latest formulations bestow a super-natural finish, new-generation spray tans are also quick to act.

Known as a rapid tan, the half-day waiting period has been slimmed down to just two small hours and with even better results. ‘Not only does a rapid tan reduce the time before you can show it off, it lasts a lot longer and fades more naturally,’ says Leigh Turtle, owner of Sydney’s Bronz Skin, Body & Spirit (, who has turned spray tanning into an art.

Another technique to shake up the world of faux glow is body contouring. If headed down this path, make sure your practitioner is well-trained and possesses a creative eye – a stellar result can flatten your stomach, tone your thighs and give the illusion of a fuller cleavage – just perfect for a beachside honeymoon. ‘A spray tan takes off 5kg and contouring tans give the illusion you are toned and trim,’ says Katrina Brown, ‘spray tanner to the stars’ and owner of The Bronzing Boutique (

To see that tan last the distance through to your honeymoon and beyond, the pre-tanning mantra to remember is exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! ‘I would recommend a professional exfoliation to remove the layers of dry skin that sit on the skin surface, as this will ensure the tan penetrates better, lasts longer and fades more evenly,’ says Leigh.

Daily moisturising with a tan extender will also lengthen the life of your tan while hydrating your skin, and showers should be kept short – on that note, be sure to dab yourself dry so as not to remove the tan with your towel. Keep pool time to a minimum, too. Essentially, reduce your time in water and turn up the moisture for a tan that lasts.

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Beauty Planning / BRIDE TO BE

Beauty Brides are making the most of groundbreaking beauty technology, says Bronz Skin, Body & Spirit’s Leigh Turtle.

Dermal rolling is the latest treatment for open pores, stretch marks and general rejuvenation, says owner of Bronz Skin, Body & Spirit Leigh Turtle.

‘It’s a new technology that has been derived from ancient acupuncture techniques. The roller creates pinpoint punctures in the dermis – the majority of which are simply pushing your pores open temporarily,’ Leigh explains. This process is perceived by the body as ‘damage’, which stimulates growth factors that trigger the production of collagen and elastin.

Mineral make-up is still the trend for wedding make-up. ‘All our bridal make-up is done with Bare Mineral make-up, which gives a more natural look but still with great coverage,’ says Leigh. ‘Also eyelash extensions are still a must to accentuate the bride’s eyes for those beautiful head shots.’

Expert tips

  • Start preparing for your big day at least six months in advance. Have your skin assessed so that a treatment and homecare plan can be tailored to your specific needs.
  • A course of oxygen microermabrasions facials is a must for a bride who wants the perfect glowing complexion for her big day. The microdermabrasions will refine the texture of the skin and the oxygen will plump up fine lines and hydrate the skin. IPL (Intens Pulsed Light) skin rejuvenation may also be beneficial of pigmentation or broken capillaries are a worry.
  • It’s essential for a bride-to-be to use SPF30 to prevent premature ageing or pigmentation, an eye cream, and an exfoliant to maintain the benefits of treatments at home. Dermalogica’s multivitamin concentrate capsules are a wonderful anti-aging treat for the skin.
  • Dermal rollers are amazing for stretch marks, but you may need six treatments, so this needs to be planned in advance. Body scrubs and wraps are a great combination to preppie the skin, leaving it feeling soft, firm and glowing.
  • The correct eyebrow shape is essential for all those bridal head shots. Have your face shape and features assessed to work out the best eyebrow shape for you. When you have the perfect brows you will feel like you have had a mini facelift!
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Northern Beaches Weekender article (2/3 2006)

Manly’s highly acclaimed Bronz spray tanning studio has undergone an exciting renovation and expansion to now incorporate a full range of high quality beauty therapies.

Spray tanning enthusiasts have known and loved Bronz for more than three years with people travelling from all over Sydney to access their specialised service.

Now the salon has been expanded to offer a new level of sophistication – amalgamating with Infinite Bliss to become Bronz Skin, Body & Spirit.

This beautifully designed treatment centre offers luxurious Dermalogica Facials, Body Scrubs, Heritage Healers, Oxygen Facials, Waxing (specialising in Brazilians), Pedicures, Manicures and Pamper Packs, as well as its famous Spray Tanning services.

In expanding the business, owner Leigh Turtle has carefully researched every new product and service to ensure her clients receive only the very best on the market.

She is happy to now offer microdermabrasion, an amazing technique the outer surface of the skin, literally erasing the superficial imperfections and sun damage without damaging the skin’s integrity. The result is noticably smoother, softer skin with a more youthful appearence.

Bronz now also specialises in Laser Hair Removal using the world’s most advanced treatment for unwanted hair. Light Shear Diode laser technology is applied by expert clinicians ensuring optimum results and maximum safety.

Anti-Wrinkle treatments are also performance at Bronz by one of Sydney’s leading cosmetic doctors, Dr Samuel Seith. Anti-Wrinkle treatments dramatically soften fine lines and facial wrinkles, leaving clients looking younger and more refreshed.

Leigh said in expanding Bronz, she wanted to raise the bar in skin care, offering a professional service in a relaxed atmosphere.

“I am really excited about the new treatments and the extra space we now have to indulge our clients,” she said.

To celebrate the exciting expansion Bronz Skin, Body & Spirit is releasing a limited number of their exclusive VIP all inclusive packages. They include unlimited Waxing, Spray Tans, Body Scrubs, Mini Facials and Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting for either six months at $899 or 12 months at $1599.

To find out more, visit Bronz Skin, Body & Spirit at Shop 9a and 9b, Manly Walk Arcade (between the Corso and Whistler Street carpark), Manly. Ph: 9977 3602 or visit