CosMedix Rescue

Balm and Mask, 30 ml

Let CosMedix™ come to the rescue after any trauma to the skin.  This unique, all-natural blend of cherry bark extract, willow herb and copper peptides in a soothing shea butter formula quickly restores your skin to its healthy best.

Benefits: Calming and soothing, Antioxidant protection, Moisturises and restores

Conditions: Post peel / laser (on physician’s or surgeon’s advice), Apply as needed to clean, dry skin, Leave on for a few minutes or overnight as needed.

CosMedix Defy

Age management exfoliator

An effective yet gentle three acid exfoliating treatment. Defy refreshes and revitalises dulled skins.

Benefits: Gentle exfoliant, Allows for effective delivery of nutrients

Conditions: All skin conditions, Fine lines & wrinkles, Dry, leathery, sun damaged skins, Hyperpigmentaton

Can be used as effective prep for Chemial peels and other in-clinic treatments.

CosMedix Refine

A potent Vitamin A-based refinishing preparation

Contains the unique AGP complex designed to trick the skin into behaving like a young skin again but without the normal irritation typically associated with traditional Vitamin A preparations.

Benefits: Conditions, Increases cell turnover, Smoothes, Evens out skin tone
Conditions: Sun damage, Ageing concerns, Problem Skin, Red skin, Congestion, Dull lifeless skin, Hyperpigmentation, Fine lines

CosMedix Refine Plus

Refinishing Treatment, 15 ml

Refine Plus™ is a powerful concentration of the chirally corrected Refine™ formula which takes skin’s enhanced results to the next level.

Benefits: Hydrating Non-drying

Conditions: Fine lines & wrinkles; Coarse pores; Dry & mature; Problem Skin; Age damaged / photo damage; Face, neck and décolletage It is essential that you consult a trained skincare professional for instruction on use of this product.

Apply one pump to clean skin in the evening. Warm the product with your fingertips before pressing into skin. Use very sparingly. Use caution if applying to neck and chest area. Avoid the eye area.

CosMedix Opti Crystal

Liquid Crystal Serum, 7 ml

The ultimate eye serum, Opti Crystal™ contains alpha lipoic acid, along with copper peptides, delicate enough for sensitive eye tissue. This is the #1 best selling product in the range! It contains Spin Trap for antioxidant protection, while Copper Peptides and Alpha Lipoic Acid assists in the apperance of fine lines.

Benefits: Moisture binding; Provides antioxidant protection; Gives a youthful tone & texture

Conditions: Damaged & thinning eye tissue; Crow’s Feet as well as fine lines and wrinkles; Dehydration

CosMedix C.P.R. Skin Recovery Serum

It might not look pretty, but just a kiss of this serum is all it takes to start calming irritated, inflamed skin. Packed with a concentrated blend of nature’s most potent restorative ingredients, C.P.R by CosMedix infuses the skin with the nutrients it needs to kick start into action. Within minutes, skin feels calmer. Within weeks, there’s a total turnaround.

CosMedix Simply Brilliant

15 ml. This gentle yet powerful brightening formula delivers a multi-pronged blow to unsightly discoloration for a more even-toned brilliance.Packed with ten plant-based brightening ingredients, Simply Brilliant targets existing concerns while simultaneously shielding your skin from new problem areas developing. Free of Arbutin and Hydroquinone, it is even gentle enough for daytime use.