Through 20 years of hands on experience in the skincare industry combined with extensive research & training with the best cosmeceutical company’s worldwide, bronz can confidently provide a long term solution for the treatment of a wide range of skin ailments.

The symptoms of these skin conditions were traditionally treated by dermatologists who usually prescribe prescription drugs for a short term solution. Some of these drugs can have side effects which include a thinner, weaker skin, a precursor to premature ageing.

At Bronz we believe in using a combination of targeted cosmeceutical treatments together with vitamins and antioxidants to treat the symptoms and the cause of these conditions. This approach helps to strengthen the skin from within and slow down the ageing process.

With this in mind, bronz have put together some skincare packs to target the most common skin concerns and help our clients commit to achieving the results they desire.


Rosacea/Sensitive skin $927 (Save $568)

Target:           Weak, red, sore, sensitive, rosacea skintypes.

Result:            Reduced heat, redness, capillaries & inflammation. Even skin tone.

Prep:               Vitamin A & C serum,SPF 30+,tyrosinaise inhibitor for skintype 3 & above


4 x Ultracalming facials

To sooth and calm strengthen and prepare the skin.

7 x Benefit Peels

To strengthen the skin’s vascular system, reduce redness,  inflammation & plump

1 x  IPL

To plump & rejuvenate , clear capillaries & brighten pigment


Pigmented Skin $990 (save $774)

Target:           Dermal pigment, melasma, post-inflammatory/mixed modality pigment

Result:            Less pigment patches, even tone, brighter smoother rejuvenated skin.

Prep:               No UV exposure, pigment serum, exfoliant, vitamin A, commitment.


1 x Dermalogica Facials

To assess skin andtype of pigment, hydrate & prep for peels.

2 x Salicylic Pigment Punch peel

To brighten and remove surface pigment

3 x Vitamin A Retinol Brulee Peels

To strengthen, brighten and break down middle pigment & stimulate collagen.

2 x Timeless Peel

To target dermal pigment & rejuvenate.

1 x Derma-pen/skin needling treatments 

To further breakdown dermal pigment and speed up cell turnover & rejuvenate


Anti-aging/Rejuvenation $979. Save $660

Target:           Ageing, thickened, sundamaged, lack lusture, sallow skin

Result:            Increased collagen & elastin, firmer, smoother, plumper, brighter skin.

Prep:               Vitamin A,SPF, exfoliant, pigment serum for skintype 3 and above.


1x Oxygen microdermabrasion Facial

To smooth, hydrate,  nourish & prep the skin.

3 x Vitamin A peels

To smooth & stimulate collagen & elastin

2 x  IPL

To plump, rejuvenate, clear capillaries & brighten pigment

2 x Timeless Peel

To smooth thickened epidermis, plump, brighten, stimulate collagen & elastin production & completely rejuvenate.


Acne  $779. Save $617

Target:            Acne, excessive oiliness, comedones, congestion breakout & inflammation
Result:            Less inflammation, pustules, scarring, bumpiness & breakout, returning a glowing even skin tone
Prep:                SPF, exfoliant & pigment serum for skin type 3 and above.

1 x Dermalogica Classic Facial
To hydrate, exfoliate, extract (if necessary) & prep the skin.

6 x Jungle Brew Peels    
To reduce inflammation, reduce oiliness (if necessary) kill bacteria & active p-acne

2 x  Skin needling
To clear remaining scarring including pitting and pigmentation and generally rejuvenate the skin, returning it to a glowing even skin tone.


Pomegranate Peel $99

Lavish your skin in antioxidants to prevent free radical damage and support the life span of healthy cells. This gentle peel nourishes and infuses the skin with moisture to leave it glowing and radiant.