Cosmetic tattooing, also called permanent makeup, is a remarkable procedure that can enhance your looks and your lifestyle, effortlessly and painlessly.

Whether you’d like the illusion of a brow lift, to enhance your beautiful brows by filling in missing hairs, or if you’d like a fuller brow, or need your uneven brows balanced for perfect facial symmetry, our highly trained technician Melissa who has 6 years experience will help you achieve the look you’re after and you’ll love the result. Provide a complete, defined shape – permanently

Feather Touch Brow Art

At bronz we want to achieve the most natural looking results possible in Feather Touch Brow tattoo art. Our technician Melissa who has 6 years experience has tried and tested many different styles and has developed her own specific technique which is highly sought after in. She uses the highest quality tools & pigments & tailors each brow to complement the clients face, achieve symmetry & fullness without looking harsh or “tattooed”.

Before commencing the procedure, the technician will consult with the client to find out exactly what they would like to achieve with their brows. The technician will then do measurements on the clients face in order to confirm exactly where the brows should start, finish & where the arches should sit for the clients face shape. The technician will then hand draw the shape,  keeping in mind what the client wants to achieve & what the technician feels will suit the clients features. The technician will always work around the clients natural shape to achieve the most natural results. Only when the client is 100% happy with the shape is when the Feather Touch procedure will commence.

We have a beautiful range of pigments which we custom blend to suit each individual complexion. Following the natural growth of the hair, the technician will use a hand tool & a micro blade to etch tiny hair like strokes into the skin with hypo-allergenic pigment which generally lasts up to two years or longer. (results will vary depending on sun exposure and resistance to pigment). All of our needles are sterile and individually packaged for one time use.

How long does the appointment take?

The appointment takes 60 to 90 minutes

It generally takes two appointments for Feather Touch Brows to be complete. A retouch approx. 4 – 8 weeks after the initial appointment is necessary to make minor adjustments to the brows, and is complementary. In most cases there will be areas in the brows that haven’t taken to the pigment as well which is what we address at the follow up appointment. The areas that need addressing are very minor in most cases and it is a short appointment. In some cases it only takes one appointment for brows to be complete, but we schedule a complimentary follow up appointment for all of our clients to ensure the results are absolutely perfect.

How long do the Feather Touch Brows last?

Feather Touch Brows generally last 1 to 2 years, in saying that every person’s skin holds the pigment differently. Some clients find that it lasts up to 5 years, these are usually clients who have darker complexions therefore darker pigments have been used.

For existing clients who would like to maintain their Feather Touch Brows & keep them looking perfect, we offer a Brow Refresh from $80.

Is it painful?

A topical anaesthetic is applied before and throughout the procedure as our clients comfort is of utmost importance.

What can I expect immediately after the procedure?

Clients must be aware that immediately after the procedure the colour will be darker then the desired result. This is because the pigment takes around 7 days to enter the deeper layers of the skin. After 7 days exfoliation of the top layer of the skin will occur, leaving a softer colour below. The result will be a soft, natural enhancement. It is very important to follow after care instructions & apply Bepanthen cream to the treated area for 5-7 days following your treatment. During the healing process itching may occur which is completely normal.

Eyeliner Tattoo Art

Eyeliner is a part of almost every woman’s makeup routine. Imagine waking up with your eyeliner perfectly applied every morning! Eyeliner Tattoo Art can look extremely natural if the client chooses lash enhancement eyeliner, where the technician tattoos between the lash line, making the lashes appear darker and thicker. If the client wears bold eyeliner every day then the technician will discuss thickness and draw the line on the client before tattooing.

Do I need a follow up appointment for eyeliner tattoo?

A follow up appointment is necessary approximately 4 – 8 weeks after the initial appointment to add more pigment if necessary. No eyelash extensions or contact lenses can be worn when treatment takes place. Contact lenses may be worn once the eyes return to their pre- tattooed condition, but not immediately after treatment.

How long can this Tattoo last?

Eyeliner Tattoo Art can last up to 5 years and even up to 10 years.

Is it painful?

A topical anaesthetic is applied before and throughout the procedure as our clients comfort is of utmost importance.

Terms & Conditions

A $150 deposit is required to secure all appointments. No deposit = No appointment. NO exceptions.

Cancellation policy

If a client wishes to cancel an appointment we require a minimum of 48 hours’ notice. If 48 hours’ notice is not given, full payment for the appointment will be required to reschedule.

The deposit becomes non-refundable if at least 24 hours is not given when a client wishes to reschedule.

If a client does not show up to an appointment they will forfeit the deposit and any future bookings they may wish to make must be paid in full upon booking.

We require all clients to attend their appointment at least 15 minutes early in order to fill out consent forms and have numbing cream applied.


Feather Touch Brows $580.

Eyeliner Tattoo- $550 top $450 bottom only, $680 top & bottom.

Before & Immediately After Treatment Photo’s * Please note color fades slightly within 2 weeks